Programs and funds


Our goal is to make life easier for everyone.

World Trade Fund’s purpose is to promote commodity trading between producers and buyers, by transferring the domicile of performed or non-performed receivables to our subsidiary in the USA, managing the Letter of Credit Process and advancing funds to commodity producers (increasing their production ability) while ensuring buyers with sustainability, long-term deliver of product and ability to grow their market share.

Some of the benefits received by our investors are:

World Trade Fund incorporated World Trade Management LLC, a US based entity to carry on the management of the commodity trade transaction with full transparency and without the influence of any investors. This corporate structure permits a clear due diligence process and proper assessment of risks involving each trade transaction.

The sole purpose of World Trade Management is to seek commodity producers worldwide in need of capital advancement based on their receivables and production track history. World Trade Management DOES NOT accepts nor is in the business of soliciting investments.

Our core program is the World Trade Fund Animal Protein; fully focused in the beef industry and other animal protein products, our subsidiary will go after animal protein producers worldwide to offer trade management services that includes the advancement of funds based on the quality of their receivable and production ability.